Mermaids and Stars is a handcrafted, ethical and sustainable jewelry collection of effortlessly chic, essential pieces, inspired by Nature, Magick of the universe and Woman’s beauty. It was born out of a desire to create luxurious and intentional jewelries that sparks a light in your being, and accentuates the beauty that is already there! We design jewelry to empower women, to make them feel more feminine and their absolute best in their own skin. We believe that a woman’s best accessory is her own feeling of worthiness and self-confidence.

Because we care, these are our core values we built upon:


We focus on the designs, quality materials and their longevity. We use highest quality materials, so your jewelry can accompany you for a very long time. Learn more about our Materials here.


We support independent artisans and small family businesses. Operating independently of manufacturing factories allows them to set their own wages and working conditions. Our payments for their services go directly into their hands.


We believe that jewelry is more than just beautiful – it can also do good in the world. As an ethical brand we encourage sustainable lifestyle and conscious purchasing rather than fast fashion, and we think the best accessories are those that are responsibly made and cruelty-free. Style should never come at the expense of the people producing it or the planet we are lucky enough to call our home. We try to minimize our carbon footprint and act sustainably in each and every field of our business.


We put each style through an intensive sampling and field-testing process to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality, practicality and style. We perform quality control on every single piece we make before it is shipped.


Beautiful jewelry should not be reserved for an elite few. That’s why we sell directly to our customers, cutting out the traditional middle-man costs and pass on the savings directly to you. That way we don’t need high mark-ups and can make the highest quality products affordable. At Mermaids and Stars we create fine jewelry for everyone who desires it. More about FIRST STEPS TO Mermaids and Stars.


Mermaids and Stars pieces are made in small batch runs, and all collections are available until they sell out.


We care about the environment, that’s why our entire business is single-use plastic-free. We use cardboard boxes and stickers for shipping, which are recycled and recycable. We make sure the pieces will be packaged appropriately to ensure safe travels.


We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure our pieces are made responsibly.

We do our best to lead by example. We hope our initiatives will encourage other businesses to become more ethical and sustainable, and help our customers to do the best they can too. We don’t mind who you shop from, as long as they are doing the right thing for our planet, and all the people, who love it dearly.


Shopping small from independent designers and small businesses as much as you can is one way that you can help make the world a better place by moving away from everything you purchase being mass-produced – sometimes in very bad circumstances.

It also means being supportive of people working for themselves in small and local businesses, which has all sorts of benefits in your community.

Crafted with love, from our hands to your heart.


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