Mermaids and Stars was created when I felt the urge to connect with my feminine side. Before that I was strictly into minimalism – meaning I wasn’t wearing any accessories with only minimal make-up. This life preferences started when I fell into spiritual world.

After going through a period of minimalism, not taking care of my appearance, because I thought it doesn’t really matter, I discovered something new. I felt the urge – the urge to connect with my feminine side. After doing this periodically and with intentions to become more soft and playful, my whole perspective about jewelry changed. I didn’t see them as unnecessary, but as tools that help me transmute femininity into my body and spirit.

This is where the fun times began. I handcrafted some minimal pieces just for myself. I wore them and felt pretty good about them. I then started exploring materials and as we all know, ‘trendy’ cheap gold-plated jewelry have now became pasé. That kind of jewelry is thrown out after few wears, wasting resources and exposing ourselves and the producers to toxic materials along the way.

That’s something I didn’t want to be a part of, so I sticked to quality materials and the intention to make the world a better place.

The joy in wearing jewelry for me is in how it makes me feel. I instantly feel more soft, balanced as a woman, empowered and beautiful. Therefore, I wanted to create jewelry for you, too, so you can enjoy more in yourself and bring out the woman you want to become. And along the way make something good for Mother Earth.