Then one day you realize, it all makes sense: the conversation you heard on the street, the boy who was too afraid of loving you, you hating your body.

All illusions broken, your eyes opened and your wings spread.

You realize we are One.

You realize that we were brave enough to come to this planet at this exact time of uncertainty.

To love.

To recognize the Truth.

To realize you are the same as the person next to you.

Same flesh, same consciousness, different genes. But the same Source.

Darling, don’t stand in your own way. You are deserving. You are worthy. You are magic.

Dive deep in.

If you are afraid, dive even deeper.

And just listen.

To the cries, to the fears, to the unloved child that is begging for forgiveness.

There is no me without you. There is no us without the waves.

You roll with it, or you go against them.

But the last one is harder.

Disconnected. Separated.

That’s okay, too.

How would you know how the Light feels, if you have never seen the Shadows?

There is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’. There is no ‘black’ or ‘white’. There is no me and you.

We are.

My eyes are your eyes, your pain is my pain, your Love is my Love.

Let go.

Shed the layers like a snake. Reborn. Revival.

Let it burn.

Merge with the fire and burn out into the void.

Your new life is about to begin.

Can you feel it?

How inspiring it is?

Nonjudgemental. Loving. Focused. Freeing. Transparent. Ready to be seen and accepted.

Are you ready for the craziest ride of your Life?

I’ve got you.

I see you.

It all makes sense. It will all make sense.