The Divine Feminine is on the rise. But what does this actually mean and how can each one of us help play a part in this rebalancing act? The world as a whole over the past few thousand years has greatly led from a masculine based thought form. Action, conquering, logical thinking, rationality, competition, survival, and strength are defining masculine qualities. As human beings, we carry both the aspects of the Divine masculine and feminine energies. But as we can observe by the state of the world the mass populous is severely out of balance. We have learned to lead with the masculine while suppressing the feminine aspects we inherently possess.

The greatest growth and potential regarding the evolution of humans is created by internally balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. In our lives are our thoughts forms, patterns, behaviors, and tendencies which dictate the balance of the complementing energies which then reflects collectively. Even the astrological signs, elements and numerology that are in our birth chart contains influential energy.

The Divine Feminine is the manifestation of the purest form of feminine expression and qualities. However, due to the patriarchal system that has developed throughout time, the Feminine energy has been sadly suppressed, devalued, demeaned and looked down upon. But as we start to wake up from our deep slumber there has been a resurgence in the need for the devotion and commitment to the Feminine and what it really represents for us as a whole.

A balance of both inherent energies will be necessary to continue our evolutionary process. And now, all men and women alike are called to empower the Divine Feminine. We each carry a complex emotional and psychological makeup of past experiences learned behavior and external conditioning that contributes to one’s internal well-being and external reality. This can cause one or both energies to be out of balance, stagnant, suppressed, confused, or disrespected in some manner.

(Taken from Jennifer Aurelia.)

The feminine in men and women alike enjoys the flow of life and love, revels in the ability to enjoy beauty, nature, textures, colors, and experiences. Fullness is the feminine principle. If you have a feminine essence, you love the chaotic swirl of life, nature, bliss, color, texture, flavor, and communion. You love to relate, exchange, dance, celebrate, adorn and deepen into the fullness of existence.

– Tantra teacher Michaela Boehm


GET OUTSIDE. Create a communion with mother nature, because in nature the feminine creative energy runs wild. Nature is non-resistant which means the energy in the woods or on a beach is fluid and in flow. It naturally contains the Divine wisdom and healing energy of our earth mother. Learn to connect to the trees, the birds and wildlife and see what messages they have for you. They are the divine purifiers and can also assist in supporting psychic awareness.

MEDITATION. Incorporate practices of meditations that focus on silence, compassion, and opening of the heart.

SAY YES. What are those things you’ve always wondered what it would be like to do? What are those dreams of yours you just haven’t chased? You have desires and ideas for a reason, and a lot of them are coming directly from your divine feminine side. By saying “yes” to some of these experiences (without spreading yourself too thin), you can feed the “chaotic swirl” that your feminine side craves.

LISTEN MORE. Spend time listening more instead of talking. This is challenging in our social-media-driven world where everyone just wants to be heard and seen, but well worth it.

CREATE RITUALS. Rituals are a celebration of life. They are a way to take time to acknowledge the beauty and fullness present in each moment, which is precisely why they are essential for bringing more divine feminine energy into your life. The more you are able to awaken your senses with these rituals (think things that involve altars, essential oils, food, and self-care), the more you will invite feminine energy to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

CONNECT TO THE ARTS. Find time daily to create musicart or dance. Sing in the shower or listen to some classical or conscious music. Create Art! Find something you enjoy and create daily! Cook, garden, paint, sculpt, write, express etc… Get into your body- dance, fluid martial arts, yoga movements that allow you to “feel”.

LEARN SOMETHING NEW. The feminine energy desires to “deepen into the fullness of existence,” which means she’s always hungry for experiences. What can you do today that’s a little outside of the norm? Making conscious choices to enjoy new experiences will not only lead you further down your spiritual path, but it will help you balance out the masculine-energy dominance that is so prevalent in society today.

LEAN INTO PERCEIVING. Practice waiting, practice patience and practice just being thus allowing your cup to become empty so that it may be filled up again by Spirit. Learn to surrender to your higher self and receive.

“FEEL” YOUR FEELINGS AND DON’T BE AFFRAID OF THEM. Feelings are ‘E-Motions’ which translate into energy in motion. They are powerful and if used properly with intuition and an open heart they can create magical new worlds. Each one has a flavor, a color, a individual expression and can help us be okay with our own uniqueness. We are human beings not robots. Feelings are part of the grand experience and have a great purpose and vibrational resonance. They are also a part of our intuitive guiding system.

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO BE WHO YOU ARE. Living our best life is all about “learning to ignore the right things” and following the spiritual path that comes naturally before us. Journaling each day is a great way to learn how to release judgment, attachment, and other negative emotions that prevent us from fully expressing who we are. 

Above all, remember that taking the time to bring more divine feminine energy into your life in order to help you move down your spiritual path isn’t selfish; it’s your god-given right. In the words of author Elizabeth Gilbert, “You are a unique event in the history of the universe. There has never been a you—not your particular soul, living at this particular moment, faced with your particular challenges. Your existence is a mystery, a miracle, and an experiment of creation, and you are allowed to examine that mystery to the fullest.

Once you accept that, you allow your real spiritual journey to begin.