Of course we would want for our items that we buy to last forever. Everything takes some effort to maintain, so does Mermaids and Stars jewelry.


Pools/hot tubs/chlorine: This one is very possibly one of the worst offenders. Gold filled can be ruined after just a couple dips in a heavily chlorinated hot tub, and sterling silver can tarnish almost immediately in a chemically laden public pool. If there’s one thing you just don’t do to your jewelry, it’s this.

Body chemistry: Hormones obviously vary from person to person, everyone is different. While it might be an issue for one person, it might not really make a difference for another. This is a hard one to understand because there really is no way to know if it will effect you or not until it does, but for the most part, this is really only an issue with less than 10% of people. Unless you’ve had experience with how 14k gold reacts with your skin, theres only one way to find out and that’s to try!

Sweat: Consistent exposure to all the salt and chemicals in your sweat can really be rough on your jewelry. It’s best to try to remember to remove your jewelry before working out.

Hair products, lotions, sunscreen, etc: This can vary from product to product, but in general, the less mild a product is, the harsher it will be to your jewelry. A rule of thumb is to simply try to remember to put on your jewelry after you’ve applied any products such as lotions, perfumes, makeup, etc. and if you are sunbathing with sunscreen on, it’s best to simply remove your jewelry for the duration of your activity. Sunscreen is probably one of the worst culprits in this category. One of the exceptions for this category is mild dish soap.



SHOWERING: If you wear your jewelry in the shower, make sure to use a gentle soap. Agressive ingredients in some products can negatively affect your Mermaids and Stars pieces.

POOL: We recommend to take off your pieces while going into chlorine pool. Chlorine is a chemical that reacts badly with jewelry.

BEACH: You can wear your pieces into the ocean. Just make sure to give it a rinse with normal water after you are done.


Before you decide to be physicaly active, we recommend to take off your jewelry. Sweat is acidic and can harm it.


Contact with perfumes and lotions can affect your jewelry. Always put it on after the perfumes and lotions have sunk into your skin.


When you don’t wear your jewelry, store it into a pouch or in a dark, cool and dry place. Sun can often make them go dull over time, but you can help it with a good polish.


Use a soft polishing cloth to gently wipe down dirt and make it more shiny.


I hope this was helpful.

Please note that this is only a guide of how to take care of your jewelries so they can last longer. If anything happens to your pieces due to not caring as the above instructions suggesting, you will not be able to return faulty items. You can read more in our Refund Policy.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more question.