Designed with the intention to empower you on your journey.

The magick of your very own Mermaids and Stars pieces await you.


Authentic Soul Jewelry

We create authentic and heart-made jewelry, using only ethically sourced gems and pearls. We have received the knowledge to further empower the holy gems and make them into beautiful and powerful objects that go beyond the natural beauty and elegance of our designs. Our jewelry is made so there can be created a special bond for the upliftment of one’s heart, conferring protection from the vagaries of life as we move along the path of the Soul.

As part of your story, we at Mermaids and Stars take our position as providers of these unique sacred jewls to be a profound honor. We heartfully offer our clients the opportunity to experience their own Soul connection with these extraordinary accessories of ancient mystics.

Handmade in Slovenia

Fair Prices

Secure Payment


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